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Beautiful Themes

We love the word 'customizable' and we made it our mission to design countless themes for you to choose from. You will definitely find one that suits your style perfectly. Express your unique personality with a theme that represents you. Be different and don't settle for anything plain and boring. Stop feeling like you’re limited by your original theme and can’t show your uniqueness. You don't need a magic wand to instantly transform your gadget, just download one of our themes and get ready to have some fun!

Keyboard Integration

Get a complete experience by combining SMS Plus with a matching Keyboard Plus theme. This is how you’ll get a perfect typing and messaging experience from your Android phone. Get a versatile keyboard that you can customize according to your unique style by choosing from a great variety of themes and options. It has built-in emoji and emoticon pack for easy writing and quick tabs for instant access to numeric layout, functions, settings and a Theme Manager. We love to surprise you so stay tuned, we have cool updates coming and awesome, new themes in the making!

GIF Integration

Send all sorts of funny GIFs through our lovely integration with Giphy. Search from a massive database filled with thousands of funny moments. Express yourself in a whole new way. Whether you're feeling happy, sassy, angry or sad, there's no better way to show how you feel than with your favourite GIFs.

Private Box

Do you want to hide your private conversations? Worried on messages from one friend checked by others, then this will surely come in handy. If you want to be discreet, fake or conceal the SMS notification for your private box, SMS Plus helps you stand away from prying eyes with this very simple feature but useful and also protect all your personal texts with a password.

Cool Fonts

A variety of fonts that help you convert normal text to stylish text and let's you show off your personality. All these fonts are making beautiful type accessible to anyone. Get a design that is friendly, readable, and versatile. Choose from beautiful styles with bouncing characters that add a personal feel.Beautiful fonts,beautiful mood!

Octi for instant help

What do you call a tiny octopus with big eyes, colorful skin and is cute as a button? We'd like to introduce Octi to you. Octi is our cute and friendly helper. He's here to assist you and guide you through discovering all the fun features SMS Plus has to offer. Octi is like your personal assistant, always ready to help you. Get SMS Plus App and let Octi become you best helper.

Multiple Emoji Packs

Enjoy different packs of high quality, cute emojis! Each one is made for you to make your messages more fun, more unique and more expressive! Let the vibes get you every time you tap an emoji. Emojis will make your every text feel more cheerful and fun. Why say it with words when you can get these little critters to do it for you? Express your love, excitement, indifference, shock, laughter, disgust and much, much more!

Animated Emojis

Because SMS Plus complements Keyboard Plus, this app is compatible with all the custom emoji packs provided by the keyboard. Using them is guaranteed to lift your mood with every text sent. No matter how old you are we know that a funny emoji will always put a smile on your face. Whenever you text to your friends these cutie emojis will transform every thought into a more lovely, cuter one. Share all the fun emojis and smileys with other SMS Plus users.

Animated Stickers

Explore a new way of expressing yourself through our many packs of stickers. We have them in all styles, in all colors, for all moods. If you are tired of ugly and plain stickers, you have to try SMS Plus App's animated stickers. Browse around our Theme Manager to see the many options you get to choose from. Be different and don't settle for anything plain and boring!

Block Messages

Never be bothered again by unwanted messages. We have an option that lets you blacklist contacts and filter out numbers. Whether the spam text is from a mobile number promoting flats you don't want to buy, or from bulk sender IDs whose service you might have used once, long ago, but whose messages arrive daily like clockwork - here's how to block them once and for all. SMS Plus App can fix this problem for you with the help of Blacklist feature.


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SMS Plus is an app created by Theme Junky. We are an Android design studio that creates awesome apps. Currently our line up includes SMS Plus and Keyboard Plus. With SMS Plus texting has never been so fun, easy, efficient and, most of all, visually appealing! Step up your texting game with great new features and edgy custom themes! On the other hand, Keyboard Plus offers you a better typing experience combined with hundreds of beautiful themes to match your style.
Keep your attention towards Theme Junky and check us out. Enjoy our work and let us know how we can improve it!

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