These days our team is growing like crazy. A lot of people show up for an interview for various positions, yet most of them act like they just woke up. I’m surprised some of them actually have pants on! In case you’re looking for a job at Theme Junky Apps, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Be on time!

There’s nothing worse than a person who is late for a job interview. Though we don’t have the biggest building in the city, it’s still pretty easy to find. Plus, we always include a little map in our email confirmation. So if you show up 30 minutes late, you’d better have a serious reason …

Arriving 30 minutes early is just as bad if not worse. Sure, it’s fine to get adjusted to our offices, but we’re usually operating on a tight schedule. So having you sit around the office isn’t the best way to introduce yourself to the team.

See what we’re all about. Try and understand what it is that we do. Explore some of our apps so you’ll at least have a basic understanding of our work. This will prevent you from asking embarrassing questions.

  • Brush up your English

Look, we all make mistakes. We might miss a typo here and there, but it’s nearly 2017, we’re in the mobile app business, so there’s no excuse for you to talk like Ion Iliescu on CNN. If you’re (see what I did there?) English is not on point, don’t bother showing up.


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